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regulations of waste

The same rules apply for guests, tenants and owners.
Failure to comply with these rules may result in expulsion.
Please, sort your waste, it gives a better world for all of us
Villa Collina has a special agreement on the separation of waste. There are many different sorting and collection methods. In Villa Collina we have agreed a large communal waste dump, with daily emptying.
Each house sorts and delivers the waste into the correct containers. Are they filled, take, if possible, the waste back and dispose of it later.
Somebody has thought about sorting, although it is different from where you come.
There are in addition the following rules:

WHITE container (Paper):
Newspaper, cardboard (also cleaned packaging as drink cartons)

BLUE container, (other recyclable materials):
Glass, Metal and Plastic (also cleaned packaging as drinks bottles)

GREEN container, ORGANICO (organic):
All the waste that pigs can eat plants, wet towel, peelings etc.

All that you did not get sorted in the other.
Note that there are 2 green, but to each his purpose.

Please act responsible and considerate behavior to the benefit of all visitors of Villa Collina.

Details about waste

Villa Collina Beach with Aquilia to the right

Opening hours: : 00:00 - 23:59


Identity Card (valid for the house) is presented as documentation for access


With Villa Collina just behind

the pavement stops about 20 meters before

the shaded passage through Aquilia

Early June, before being filled