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regulations of the private beach

The same rules apply for guests, tenants and owners.
Failure to comply with these rules may result in expulsion.
2 sunbeds and 1 umbrella per house
Villa Collina has an agreement with Aquilia on the use of sunbeds on the beach. They are located in a separate area just south of the (to the right of) Aquilia's own sunbeds.
Each house has the right to 2 sunbeds and associated parasol. If not all sunbeds are occupied, it is permissible to use these, though these must be left immediately when someone with the right to two sunbeds arrive and there is no vacant.
There are in addition the following rules:
To clean up after themselves when leaving his sunlounger
That you do not move umbrellas
That you remember to turn down the umbrellas when leaving the beach
That one can not 'reserve' sunbeds with towels etc.
The fact that you abide by the instructions Hotel Aquilias staff provide
That Hotel Aquilias staff may ask for proof of users' right to use the facilities in the form of presentation of Villa Collina identity card
Who do not comply with the above rules, Hotel Aquilias staff the right to expel those from the part of the beach belonging to Hotel Aquilia and the use of Hotel Aquilias other facilities.

Please act responsible and considerate behavior to the benefit of all visitors of Villa Collina.

Details about the private beach

Villa Collina Beach with Aquilia to the right

Opening hours: : 08:00 - 18:00

   Mounted from June to September

Identity Card (valid for the house) is presented as documentation for access


With Villa Collina just behind

the pavement stops about 20 meters before

the shaded passage through Aquilia

Early June, before being filled